Secret Warriors?

Hi, I’m Ange.

I started Secret Warriors to help busy women put themselves first, once in while.

I’m Mum to adorable twins and we live in Derbyshire with my husband Neil. I also work in London, which offers me a regular night away… and guaranteed sleep !

When Ethan and Isla were babies, we survived on so little sleep we felt permanently broken. After two gruelling rounds of IVF, it felt wrong to complain, but it was a tough time. And I know my story’s a common one.

Having a break from time to time makes me happier, stronger and more fun to be around for my family and friends.

If you feel you could benefit from a break too, please get in touch.

Secret Warrior (33)

Rebecca, owner of award-winning HR and Business Consultancy, www.myhrhub.co.uk, has partnered with Ange over the past few years to deliver inspiring Retreats to her client base.

Together, Ange and Rebecca are excited to be launching their Corporate Retreat partnership this year to businesses across the UK.

Like Ange, Rebecca loves nature and sees this as an essential antidote to the busy stresses of life and work.

Rebecca is a proud mum to two teenage daughters and a rescue dog Lucy, who all love spending time in nature too!

As soon as I found out about the Secret Warriors Retreat I booked on.  What a brilliant idea for some much needed me time. My experience has been a mix between going to a spa and a hotel break, with the added benefit of having home comforts at hand.

Amy Ward

What an absolutely fantastic weekend !  From the moment I walked through the door I felt at home, welcome and relaxed! It was the perfect couple of days which did exactly what it said it would do…

Louise Mills

What an amazing weekend – perfect house and awesome host.  To have everything done for you – food, coffee, booze, tidying up etc, leaving you to relax and enjoy time makes a wonderful change.

Luce Holmes

Such a fantastic, relaxing night away.  It was so well organised and well thought through.  Loved the little touches and personal detail to everything. In just 24 hours I felt completely relaxed and pampered.


Giving back

10% of our net profit is split equally between the following charities, at the end of each tax year, to support their vital work:

The Born Free Foundation: helping keep wildlife where they belong – in the wild

Sheffield Children’s Hospital: providing pioneering and world-leading treatment for children in need

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