Lockdown has been a very personal experience, despite many of us pretty much living the same life for months on end.  A lot of friends have loved it, whilst others have found it almost impossibly difficult. And some have sadly lost loved ones – it’s hard to imagine how painful this must be.

But everyone I know has adapted and got through it. As lockdown slowly lifts I think we all feel very grateful in different ways.

For us the time as a family has been the biggest blessing.  No more working in London for the foreseeable, saying goodnight to my family on a Monday evening and not seeing them again until Thursday every other week. I hope those weeks are behind me for good as organisations embrace flexible working like never before.

Our twins have blossomed – lockdown has been the making of Ethan especially.  No parties, large gatherings, places to be and go – just the four of us, at home, making stuff, growing wonky veg, having fun and being together.  And the twins get on better than ever.  We’ve finished our house – patio complete, lights up, pictures finally in place…it’s never felt more homely.

We know we’re lucky and never for a minute take it for granted.  But I think the common thing for everyone seems to be the realisation that we all need surprisingly little to be happy.  Time with family, a garden or nearby open space, countryside. I’ve run miles and miles every week – at first just for a glimpse of the Peaks – now because it’s a free simple pleasure that can fit around life to stay fit and (relatively) sane. Plus it helps cancel out my addictions to garlic pizza bread and full sugar coca cola – not all lockdown habits have been healthy ones !

Business has suddenly exploded with enquiries in all directions. Collaborating’s always exciting, especially when it’s with one of my favourite guests – Becky Bull – who runs the My HR Hub.  We trialled out first HR-Hub-Secret Warriors retreat last September – one of the highlights of 2019 – and plan to repeat it on a bigger scale this year in October.

Collaborating with Red magazine’s been a privilege too – our November retreat has turned into the first of, what may be, many with another date agreed for next year now too.

None of us knows what’s ahead, but hopefully appreciating life’s simple pleasures is here to stay.