How the month’s race by… March already.

2020 hasn’t disappointed – so far this year we’ve:

  • been fortunate enough to partner with Liz Earle Wellbeing to promote our (fully book) March retreat in the Cotswolds (thanks entirely to SW partner Lisa’s hard work and brilliant network)
  • agreed a feature with Red Magazine and possibly Good House Keeping
  • appeared in various media about expanding into the Cotswolds
  • agreed to be part of MyHRHub‘s exciting new health and wellbeing offering
  • added Corporate off-sites to what we do
  • have literally been inundated with enquiries since the year kicked off
  • have already filled nearly half our retreats for the year – just two full months in…

Excuses excuses, but this is why blogging has fallen short of monthly. Like everyone else, I’m literally racing through life at the moment…

Which is apt as running’s still a big part of life. I’m not as good as I want to be, but determined to fix that (with help from local marathon runner and SW partner Emma Connolly – I owe you Emma).

Reading ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall was the tipping point that really convinced me we’re meant to run. Mexico’s Tarahumara ultramarathan runners – the world’s gentlest running elite, who understandably shun our western ways of life – are mind-blowing in terms of what the body’s capable of.  Worth a read.  Now moved onto a slower paced book – What I talk about when I talk about running by Haruki Murakami – also quite fascinating – if you like running !

Running this morning however was a mistake – turning around to check for traffic whilst sprinting (plain dumb) meant I sprained my ankle and am laid up now racing, instead, through outstanding ‘to do’s – perhaps it was a blessing as I’m caught up at last on so much.

I have SO much respect for runners of every shape, size and skill level.  It’s not easy, all takes work, grit and determination.  A bit like running a business I suppose…

As well as the highs there have definitely been lows along the way:

  • hurtling towards a booked and fully paid up retreat with spaces left to fill
  • drop outs – guests and suppliers (more than one on the actual day !)
  • increasingly complex dietary requirements and finding something everyone can safely eat – that actually tastes good
  • Coordinating diaries (we have all never been busier)
  • Making all the figures work
  • The weather !!
  • multiple last minute unexpected hitches to overcome which differ every time
  • juggling the twins, family and London job alongside a fast growing business
  • realising as business grows that we now need professional help to make sure things are done properly – it’s not enough to make copious notes on my phone of things to do.

It’s definitely good to step off every so often and slow down – if nothing else to reflect and be grateful for how far we’ve come and what we’ve overcome.