My Dad and I climbed Scarfell Pike earlier this month.  The highest mountain in England, it stands 978 metres above sea level in the beautiful Lake District.  Dad’s a keen hiker having scaled a lot of Wainwrights (the 214 English peaks – or fells – classified by Alfred Wainwright).  He might be 71, but has always seemed to defy his age and remains eternally youthful – long may this continue.

It was such a treat – spending time with Dad, just us, reminiscing, chatting about the world and our lives.  The last time we had done something similar was a staggering 16 years ago.  We always talked of booking in another weekend, but work, IVF, the twins, life’s hustle and bustle, meant we never quite managed it.

My sister Susie and I are taking Mum to a spa in June for our first ever girly weekend together.  Again, something we perhaps should have done years ago, but the pace of life meant our focus has always been elsewhere.

Mum and Dad are both my anchor and compass and I know it’s the same for Susie. At 39 (me) and 37 (Sue), we’re not exactly spring chicks, but the older you get the more you realise you don’t know it all.  And becoming parents can make you lean on your own parents more than ever.

Carving out time and building in experiences to look forward to throughout the year – be it with family, friends or just for yourself – is so rewarding.  It seems others agree – bar a handful of spaces left on retreats in June, August and September, retreats are full nearly every month for this year and beyond…hoorah.