February, the month of pancakes and love.  And a step close to Spring, warmth and more daylight – hoorah.

Love and pancakes go hand in hand for me – can’t beat lemon and sugar – yum (although I gave up sugar last year so need to revise that one. Or the whole no-sugar situation. What was I thinking…).

Life this year includes some surprising new loves as well as life-long loves (Ethan, Isla, all my family and friends, Def Leppard, Lindt balls and Virginia McKenna). Staggered to say I’ve also discovered I love:

  • Running: starting flat, slow and short, with no time pressure actually worked – I run two or three times a week now and LOVE it!
  • Swimming: just learnt front-crawl (currently half the speed of my breast-stroke) – taken over three decades to get round to it, but SO great to know exactly how to do it at last
  • Social media: flabbergasted to list this, but it’s true – I love Instagram and all it’s beautiful imagery, people and connections – wary of wasting time on social media though so I literally dip in and out a few times a day. Also have a mild Strava addiction
  • Playing the piano – dusting off my Einaudi sheet music after decades of it laying dormant was a good moment. Surprised that site-reading actually comes back pretty quickly, although major apologies to my children and husband for having to endure some dire renditions early on
  • Reading the paper – and not just Style magazine – the ACTUAL paper. OK so it’s just on a Sunday, not everyday, but it’s a start.  For the first time since goodness knows when I’m not reliant on my Mum providing cut-outs from the paper of things I really should know, but probably don’t
  • Reading generally – funny how the older you get, the more you appreciate simple pleasures.  Reading before bed.  Who knew it’s a WAY better way to fall asleep than watching an episode of Luther and walking up the stairs to bed, half terrified someone might be under it.
  • Last, but not least, my new business ! Have a fabulous group of girls booked in for March and more equally fabulous groups booking in later this year and it’s all utterly thrilling.