Looking back at the first of this month’s retreats makes me smile – full beam. Much like the sun last weekend.  Being surrounded by inspiring, interesting, fun women – a mixture of existing and new friends – in beautiful surroundings at the heart of the Monsal trail in the Peak District is genuinely hard to beat.

Guests ran, cycled, soaked up every minute of sun and breath of fresh air; devoured delicious food, lovingly prepared by Amelia; slept blissfully, laughed, shared stories, bathed by candlelight, talked animatedly about their treatments with Anna – the best they’d ever had; marvelled at Angie’s unique, inspiring ‘goddess’ yoga session and then returned to their homes across the country a little more relaxed, a little calmer and – according to reports – absolutely buzzing about the whole weekend.

There are four more retreats to go this year, including next week’s bumper HR Club collaboration with Becky, packed to bursting with wellbeing activities and workshops. With bookings already in for 2020, I’m starting to explore new directions for Secret Warriors and it’s exciting.  Be it tailoring future retreat offerings, handing over some of the running to trusted friends or the incredible partners and plans on the horizon for 2020, learning to let go as business grows is thrilling (and admittedly terrifying the control freak in me)…

Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix recently spoke on Radio 4’s Today podcast about his new book ‘That will never work’.  On why he left Netflix, he points to two important questions that he asked himself:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I like?

For Marc Randolph, turns out the answer was start-ups.  Simple, but true that the route to happiness likely lies in finding the answer to both these questions…

For me, running retreats certainly answers question two, and, if feedback’s anything to go by, hopefully question one too.