Last month’s retreat in collaboration with wonderful Becky, founder of HR Club, was inspiring in so many ways.  Our guests were so kind, open and there was such a wonderful energy that we ended up having a lot of deep and meaningful discussions, including an impromptu session on gratitude. Whilst being grateful is central to how I live, I don’t tend to share much about this normally as I think people find their own personal path so it’s not necessarily for everyone. Nevertheless it was wonderful to share examples of things that help me, such as writing a gratitude diary each morning to keep me focused on how I want to feel, what to expect and to let go of anything which isn’t important or could be a distraction.


We moved on to a discussion about the Law of Attraction.  Whilst there are various views around how this works – some theories are more scientific and connect it to neuroplasticity, others seem to be more faith based around the simple idea that you decide what you want from life, believe it’s possible to have it and have faith that it will appear.  Whatever your views on it, the basic concept of focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want seems a smart way to live.


I mentioned to the girls how scientific and logical my sister is, whilst I’m more emotional and empathetic.  Whilst we’re quite different, there are similarities. We were both academic growing up.  For me academia was a means to an ends to get to where I wanted to go – Politics at Leeds Uni and then a banking graduate scheme in London. Whereas my sister, who studied Engineering at Cambridge, has always been more driven from the very beginning by a desire to love what she does and study what interests her. Whilst all her friends were graduating and starting work, she continued to study, one PhD, followed by another. She started her career far later than everyone else – and yet her achievements since starting work are quite exceptional, precisely because she’s followed a path that she loves and has mastered her skills and abilities so perfectly. I think our paths have converged more these days.  Much as I enjoy the Corporate world, it was, at the beginning at least – again – a means to an ends. There were certain needs that it couldn’t and didn’t completely fulfil – such as wanting to take care of, and inspire people to live their best lives. Launching Secret Warriors has met that need and compliments my day job incredibly well.  For my sis, she’s never deviated – she’s continued on the path she set out on from A-levels – and reaped such staggering rewards.


She received an MBE this time last year for her incredible medical devices business – aged just 37. I’m beyond proud of her.  She’s always taken the path less travelled and is a real inspiration to me.

She never compares herself to others so doesn’t get stuck in that destructive cycle of wanting what others have.  She’s very unassuming and humble and wasn’t even going to mention her MBE to her friends – I tend to blow her trumpet for her !  She’s fun, witty, hilarious, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and exceedingly hardworking. She gives you a straight answer, which might not be the answer you want but (annoyingly at times) tends to be the right one.  The older I get, the more I see similarities in our approach to life and I’m finally with her 100% – find what you love and success follows.  She might be my younger sister, but I’m happy to follow in her footsteps