Our first Retreat of 2019 took place earlier this month and it was awesome.

Seven unique, fun and inspirational women travelled from London, Oxford, Sheffield and Dronfield and we had a blast (feedback highlights below, plus video summary on Facebook / Instagram – search: Secret Warriors).

The weekend kicked off with prosecco, home-made cakes (sugar free and FULL of sugar) and personal messages from husbands. The afternoon felt leisurely and included tailored treatments, bubble baths, reading, relaxing, me time, nattering and lots of laughs.  Healthy, hearty and delicious food, shared stories and fun with face masks ran into the evening. A few of us were up early on Sunday and headed out for a long run to explore the dramatic surroundings in wild weather – soaked, freezing and exhausted, we all felt so alive ! The gentle pace of the weekend then returned with a light breakfast, yoga stretch, magazines and, finally, happy farewells.

The girls described how they felt at the end of the weekend in three words:

Relaxed – Refreshed – Happy

Relaxed – Chilled – Calm

Relaxed – Refreshed – Content

Happy – Invigorated – Energised

Refreshed – Calm – Content

Happy – Rested – Energised

Thank you to our inaugural 2019 January Retreat guests – real life Secret Warriors. Mums, professionals, a Grandma (who’d give any woman half her age a run for her money) – you were such a pleasure to spend the weekend with.

It’s inspiring to spend time with, and be part of, a group of women. Each woman had a different story, but there were so many common experiences. Everyone was intrigued to learn about each other and grateful to have time on their side for once – the girls all looked visibly refreshed as the weekend wrapped up. In their words:

A weekend for you, a weekend to escape and a weekend to relax. From the moment we arrived I felt so welcome and at ease. The food and drink were plentiful and delicious and the treatment and yoga were both fabulous

The break has been really relaxing and filled with so many activities to relax without making me feel lazy or too busy ! Perfectly balanced and great people for company in a beautiful house and location. So much more than I expected !

The back massage was the best I’ve ever had – I could have stayed there forever

A fabulous stay with wonderful, friendly people who chatted, laughed and enjoyed themselves. Ange was an excellent host and really did ensure every possible need was met. A real treat !

Beautiful house and setting with a friendly group of ladies. Laid-back but luxurious with lots of well being activities and good food. 

An amazing back massage, the best one I’ve ever had

Fab retreat, thank you Ange 

I really enjoyed the weekend, so relaxed with great host and lost of healthy activities. The treatment was really good and going for a run in the Peak District was fab. 

Discussions reminded me of my own journey since having our twins. I felt broken when they first arrived – sleep deprived, exhausted, anxious to do the best for them, guilty for not breast-feeding for longer, worried my brain wouldn’t function properly again in a corporate environment. Four years on it’s thrilling to look back and realise all the worry, stress and guilt has melted away and we all enjoy life now – because we appreciate time in a way we never did pre-children. With Ethan and Isla at school, there’s even time for hobbies – running, playing the piano after decades off. I still love my Corporate job and time in London. But even more I love the journey this business is taking me on.

With bookings already confirmed for Spring and Summer (and counting) here’s to an exciting year full of Retreats and inspirational women.