So heart-warming and humbling to be supported and promoted by friends, friends of friends and, surprisingly, complete strangers. Guess that’s the power of social media. So grateful to everyone who has shared a link, commented or responded in any way; it’s been a joy. And a massive relief !

So as part of my social media super-speedy baptism of fire, I’ve been exploring Instagram. A dear friend, Charlie, founder of MOA (Magic Organic Apothecary – amazing products which we’ll be sharing at each Retreat), explained some basics (which I’d NEVER have worked out without her). It’s slowly sinking in. She recommended following selfishmother, 121k followers – the lady clearly knows what she’s doing. You can publish your own blogs on her site. The first one was about a Mum of three who’s life has, unsurprisingly, been turned upside down post-children. Life sounded sooooo hard bless her (perfect candidate for a Retreat). And she didn’t sound like she was enjoying it much. At first I couldn’t relate. And then it dawned on me. I’d blocked it out. How ridiculously hard having children can be.

When our four-year-old twins were small, they barely slept. A good night for us was three or four hours of broken sleep, at best. For well over 18 months. It was beyond exhausting. My eye used to flicker with stress and I used to just cry spontaneously. And felt permanently broken. But then, they grew up, started sleeping, and life’s much better now. It’s easy to forget how hard it is. And, it’s not necessarily something you want to remember.

Hence I wholeheartedly believe every Mum (and Dad – those Retreats are in the pipeline) out there needs a break from time to time.